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Bilingual Education Projects

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

CLIL Content and Language Integrated Learning is a way to shape bilingual and multilingual education, integrating content and language . CLIL training can be organized in a team and also in coaching.

BEP organizes and provides these training courses. This training can be used in all bilingual and multilingual education.

Policy support

Policy change is often necessary to ensure that innovation in education succeeds. BEP supports your organization to implement this innovation.

Distance learning support

Effective remote working will have a permanent place in our society and therefore also in our education.


There are several webinars that can help for distance learning, such as

a webinar in which you receive information on how to effectively design remote work. Basic information such as how to set up the camera and sound, but also which working methods are effective. In addition, it is possible to connect the content specifically to the team.

But also about how to make effective use of all the digital tools available. Personal coaching is an option. In sessions in which a coach watches an online lesson / webinar of yours and in coaching conversations, you will be helped further.


Internationalization and distance learning? This can be done through the European education platform eTwinning. Do you want to develop a vision in your team on this new way of education specifically for your team? You can have this vision shaped in, for example, a development plan or project plan. As an eTwinning ambassador, I am happy to help you.

To travel

How does bilingual and multilingual education work in other countries? Do you want to experience how other countries deal with bilingual education? Like for example in multilingual Canada? BEP offers tailor-made inspiring and connecting journeys.

Do you want to know what BEP can do for you? Are you interested in a connecting journey? Scroll down and fill in the contact form!

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