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Who is Bilingual Education Projects?

Who am I?

I am Amanda van Dijk-van 't Noordende. I would like to make a positive impact on this world. Because if you can place a footprint, make sure it is the one that makes the difference.


That's how everything started

I started bilingual education about 23 years ago, when I was an art teacher in secondary education. During these years I developed myself into a Content and Language Integrated Learning CLIL teacher and coach. An important pillar in bilingual education is internationalization. My love for the international context in education comes from here. For example, I worked as a coordinator of bilingual education in secondary education, vocational education and trained higher professional education.

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Within my company I mainly focus on innovating education. Especially within bilingual and multilingual education. Bilingual and multilingual education offers an opportunity to create high-quality, challenging and future-proof education for students and also for teachers. Education is a permanent and developing body, in which you always keep developing and growing. Moving along and developing a vision for these new possibilities is my passion.



You can create a connection in various ways, including by working remotely on an online platform. I myself am an ambassador for the eTwinning platform where teachers from all over the EU come together to collaborate on a project basis. Bringing different nationalities together without having to travel is internationalization @ home.

In addition, I like to organize tailor-made travels to experience other cultures and countries on how they deal with bilingual and multilingual education. For example, teams gain insight into the position of their own education. In addition, I connect courses with the right partners abroad, to make it possible for students and pupils to have an international experience in their education. In this digitally operating world a much needed skill to integrate into our education.

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